Saturday, March 28, 2015

nessMediaCenter 1.7 & nessViewer 3.7 for Mac available

Access to media of the new "Photos App" by the media center is the most important innovation in these versions. In the preferences can be specified which data is made available (albums, moments, collections, media types), which possibly reduces loading time. In early February, we had begun to implement this feature, as the "Photos App" according to Apple will replace the applications Aperture and iPhoto. Those who participate in the Apple beta program for Mac OS X, can install 10.10.3 - this version is required for the "Photos App" and access by the media center.

Another new feature in nessViewer is the display of a map with the GPS position of the captured image and the images in a media show. In the media show map, each image can be displayed in the media show by clicking on the marker. The MediaCenter displays the GPS location (country, city, street) now more accurately (if these data are available) and in the media presentation the GPS position of a picture is now displayed in the bottom center.

In addition, the handling of the DLNA availability has been improved to access DS214play and a presentation can now be started from the selected entry in the MediaCenter.

The media server can now be started automatically when nessViewer is started, so that the shutdown or start of the computer can be setup by the "Energy Saver" (schedule) and the media server is always available after the computer start. Or you can use, for example, VPN to restart the computer...

In the 64-bit versions, we noticed that some images with orientation data (EXIF) were not displayed correctly what we have hereby fixed.

Once Yosemite 10.3 is officially released, we will upload nessMediaCenter to the AppStore - unfortunately it will then still take (at least) about 1 week until the AppStore version will be available. We would like to upload the new version now, which unfortunately is not allowed.

nessViewer media show with a map of the GPS locations

Thursday, March 19, 2015

nessViewer App 1.9.2 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available

As previously reported, we have fixed a bug in this version that occurred apparently only on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 with iOS 8. It crashed nessViewer App on these iOS devices after selecting "Open URL", entering an URL and confirming with "Open.

Since this routine - display of this view and entering an URL or a file name - is used in several places in nessViewer App, it crashed on these iOS devices in other places as well: for example, when one created a folder at "Open File", at "Present URL", added an URL to a media show and when one saved a new media show.

This was caused by calling a system routine ("callback") that is apparently not supported (anymore) on these iOS devices - we have not found appropriate documentation for this problem. Fortunately, we were able to develop a different approach which works on all iOS devices on all supported versions of iOS (iOS 4.1 to iOS 8.2).

In addition, we have also fixed some issues with displaying the status bar and we adapted some provider offers.

Meanwhile, we are already working on the next version 1.9.3 which among others allows it to access the media of the "Photos App" with the new structure (years, collections, moments, etc.).

And the news web page has been enhanced to show what is going on with nessViewer App for iOS in the same way as with nessViewer for Mac.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

nessViewer App for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch & crash

Thanks to Gandhi and Ulf who informed us about a heavy problem in the "nessViewer app" for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch): with some iOS devices - as far as we were able to test iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 - "nessViewer app" crashed on iOS 8.x as soon as the URL dialog was used. And this dialogue is very much used ...

Amazingly, it concerned only (as far as we know so far) these iOS devices - with iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad 2, for example, there were also under iOS 8.2 no problems or crashes. What we find very puzzling - and what made testing & debugging rather difficult.

Since the problem was neither understandable nor could be achieved with the beta testers (and their iOS devices) in the short term, we have now bought an iPhone 6 and were able to solve the problem. While still not really understandable - but if a code or a solution does not work on all devices, then we just have to develop a different approach.

Playing around with the iPhone 6, we also have found a few other small discrepancies - eg the status bar was not always shown so far, when the iOS device has been moved from portrait mode to landscape mode.

But apart from that, it makes really fun to play around with the iPhone 6. After we have changed in the "Settings App" at nessViewer the background to dark (by simply deactivating "Light"), the iPhone 6 looks even cooler. Not to mention the incredible number of features and available media...

Tomorrow we will upload the corrected version 1.9.2 and hope that Apple will releases this version soon. Where it might take a little bit longer - at the moment, Apple seems to have a lot of problems with their servers and services.

All beta testers aka registered iOS devices can download the modified nessViewer app ad hoc version 1.9.1 from the download page.

Monday, February 9, 2015

MediaCenter & the new Photos App from Apple

The new Photos app from Apple is now integrated in a pre-release version of the media center. This allows access to the media of the Photos app, as it has been already available for the iPhoto media.

5 days ago, a pre-release version of Mac OS X 10.10.3 (Yosemite) has been released for developers which now gives you the long-awaited Photos app. How Apple had announced some time ago, iPhoto and Aperture will probably not be developed further, but replaced by the Photos app. Therefore, we have set ourselves immediately to the media center integration of the Photos app.

After the installation of the pre-release version of Mac OS X 10.10.3 and the first Photos app launch, the iPhoto media were easily transferred. As far as we can tell, the new Photos app is stable and makes a good impression. Who knows iPhoto will quickly find one's way.

In a pre-release version of nessMediaCenter and nessViewer, "Photos" is displayed in the media center main menu if the photos library in the pictures folder exists. In the media center preferences either only "Photos" or "iPhoto" and "Photos" can be activated.

On YouTube a demo video can be watched which demonstrates and explains - among some other newer features - the access to the media of the Photos App.

We will continue to test the pre-release and see how far Apple extends the new photos app. So far it would only be desirable from our point of view the ability to sort the media also by title - this is possible in iPhoto, but is absent in the Photos app.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

nessMediaCenter 1.6.2 available in AppStore

nessMediaCenter 1.6.2 is now available in the AppStore - with the following changes:
1.) Preferences: Choice of the media center selection color
2.) modernized display of the selection
3.) optional presentation start from the current entry

In addition, "Open MediaCenter at startup" was renamed to "Open MediaCenter at application start", because "startup" has been interpreted by the review team as computer startup and this renaming is better understandable for the user as well.

Actually, this version corresponds to version 1.6.1 from 20.1., which was unfortunately rejected because of the ambiguous wording. By a faulty XCode upload, we had unfortunately to upload a corrected version as 1.6.2 on 28.1. - and therefore the release by Apple lasted this time 2 weeks.

The improved DLNA availability is not available in this AppStore version but will follow in the next AppStore version.

Monday, February 2, 2015

MediaCenter: DLNA availability

Erik informed us about a problem in the media center: if multiple DLNA devices are present, then only the first DLNA device appears in the media center - and this device must not be a DLNA media server, so that although DLNA appears in the media center, there is no media accessible.

Through several trials and protocols, that were issued for test purposes and Erik sent us back, we were able to solve the problem finally.

Especially helpful were there 2 existing DLNA media server (Fritz!Box NAS and DS214play), whereat the Fritz!Box NAS has been disabled for test purposes. In this case, the Fritz!Box NAS still reported itself as a DLNA media server even though it is no media available - and thus DS214play was then not available.
Another problem was DS214play that reports itself twice as device - and only the second device is a DLNA media server.

We have now solved the problems by showing only the first DLNA media server that really provides media. A modified version can be downloaded from the download page.

Many thanks go to Erik, who had the patience to test several attempts and different combinations!

And then there is also bad news for the AppStore customers: nessMediaCenter 1.6.1 was rejected on 27.1. by Apple. Due to a bug in XCode we had to upload unfortunately a corrected version as 1.6.2 on 28.1. - and apparently it takes again a week until Apple will review the new version. And the improved DLNA availability will not be included in this AppStore version.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

MediaCenter: start a presentation from the current entry

During the preparation of the AppStore version of nessMediaCenter 1.6.1 we found a missing feature in the media center: starting a presentation from the current entry.

Although it has been able to select multiple entries by "+" and then start the presentation (by PLAY or RETURN), this solution is not optimal to start a presentation in the middle of a longer list - to select all following entries would be too cumbersome for many entries.

If you want to start a presentation from an entry, then now simply keep holding "PLAY" on the remote control for a short time (PLAY holding). Or at the keyboard hold down the Option key (ALT) when pressing the RETURN key.

With the keyboard you can also press "+" with the Option key to add all entries from the current entry to the "virtual playlist" (and "-" with Option key to remove them again). As a result, it is now easy and quick to present the middle entries of a long list:
1.) Use the arrow keys to select the desired entry (and thereby possibly hold down the Command key)
2.) Press "+" with the Option key to add all entries from the current entry to the "virtual playlist"
3.) Use the arrow keys to select one of the next entries
4.) Press "-" with the Option key to remove all entries from the current entry from the "virtual playlist"
5.) Start the presentation by pressing RETURN

The 32-bit versions have already been adjusted and can be downloaded - tomorrow the 64-bit versions will follow. And as soon as possible the AppStore version ...