Sunday, January 18, 2015

MediaCenter: start a presentation from the current entry

During the preparation of the AppStore version of nessMediaCenter 1.6.1 we found a missing feature in the media center: starting a presentation from the current entry.

Although it has been able to select multiple entries by "+" and then start the presentation (by PLAY or RETURN), this solution is not optimal to start a presentation in the middle of a longer list - to select all following entries would be too cumbersome for many entries.

If you want to start a presentation from an entry, then now simply keep holding "PLAY" on the remote control for a short time (PLAY holding). Or at the keyboard hold down the Option key (ALT) when pressing the RETURN key.

With the keyboard you can also press "+" with the Option key to add all entries from the current entry to the "virtual playlist" (and "-" with Option key to remove them again). As a result, it is now easy and quick to present the middle entries of a long list:
1.) Use the arrow keys to select the desired entry (and thereby possibly hold down the Command key)
2.) Press "+" with the Option key to add all entries from the current entry to the "virtual playlist"
3.) Use the arrow keys to select one of the next entries
4.) Press "-" with the Option key to remove all entries from the current entry from the "virtual playlist"
5.) Start the presentation by pressing RETURN

The 32-bit versions have already been adjusted and can be downloaded - tomorrow the 64-bit versions will follow. And as soon as possible the AppStore version ...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

nessMediaCenter 1.6.1 & nessViewer 3.6.1 for Mac available

These updates include the last two pre-release versions and changes since the last version.

The modernized selection display in the MediaCenter has been recorded more than positive - and who really missed Front Row, can set the selection color to blue ...

The fullscreen presentations on multiple screens has been improved and now just makes addicted - who (still) does not have 2 screen should upgrade for that reason alone.
At "Tips & amp; Tricks" we have added an instructions how to start multiple fullscreen presentations.

Unfortunately, the modernized selection display could not be adopted in the AppStore version because we have uploaded it on 1/1/2015 - this time Apple needed over a week to test and approve the version.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

nessMediaCenter 1.6 now available in AppStore

nessMediaCenter 1.6 is now also available in the AppStore:
1.) New icons including Retina icons for Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
2.) Improved handling of (fullscreen) presentations on multiple screens
3.) Improved handling of (secured) folder access
4.) Bug fix at Miro video podcast playback

The folder access permissions determine which folders can be accessed: the picture and movie folder is accessible by default, all other folders - for example symbolic links that are in the picture and movie folders and link to folders outside these folders - must be granted by the folder access permissions.

So far, the folder access permissions have been granted after opening the media center, so they were not available in "movie info". Therefore, they are now being granted right after the start of nessMediaCenter.

In this version, videos of the supported internet providers can be presented which are collected in media shows or Miro video podcasts.

Apple has increased the prices in the Euro zone, so nessMediaCenter would cost 16.99 (mysterious: the AppStore had shown 19.54 Euro; display or calculation error?) instead of 14.99 Euro. We have therefore reduced the Apple price of nessMediaCenter to offer it for 14.99 Euro again - even if this means that we get less. For countries outside the Euro zone (e.g. USA) especially pleasant (for the customers): there nessMediaCenter costs now only 14.99 instead of 16.99 Dollar.

nessMediaCenter & nessViewer pre-release: media center selection look

By popular demand, we have modernized the selection display of the media center: whereas previously the selection has been shown using a rounded white rectangle, now the selection color can be adjusted in the preferences (tab: Center). The default is set to green.

In the media center, the selection is now displayed in the selected color rectangular and has a gradient of this color as background within the rectangle. Who knows Front Row, might recognize perhaps the somewhat familiar appearance...

A preliminary version of nessMediaCenter and nessViewer is now available - we will continue testing.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

nessViewer App 1.9.1 for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch available

As previously reported, we have fixed a bug that did not start videos streamed from your Mac (nessViewer media server). This was the case in the FTP client and the access to the media server in the media center.

In addition, we also found a few more "visual" bugs in FTP client, which were also fixed. Disabled buttons are now generally displayed in a better way.

At "Deutsches Fernsehen" in the media center, the Bavarian magazine "Quer" has been added - read more in the blog entry mentioned above. And for registered users, we added even more new content.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

nessMediaCenter 1.6 & nessViewer 3.6 for Mac available

The music video portal Clipfish offers for some time also German motion pictures - both are now available in the MediaCenter in 29 categories and can be sorted by criteria (new, best, most viewed). And of course by selecting a category (by "+" and then PLAY or RETURN), e.g the contained music videos can be played continuously.

Currently, satirical, cross - the Bavarian magazine "Quer" is now available in the MediaCenter at "Deutsches Fernsehen" - but do not worry: it is spoken "hochdeutsch". In addition to the main media libraries (ARD, ZDF, RTL, RTL Nitro, SuperRTL, VOX), there are of course still also a lot of other interesting magazines... And under "Live Broadcasts (Countries)" at "German" also all public German TV broadcasters…

For Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), there are now new icons in the MediaCenter, which are adapted for Retina displays.

In testing we have found problems when streaming videos from Mac (nessViewer media server) to iOS (nessViewer App for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch). After hours of research, we have found the following solutions: for older iOS versions (4.x to 6.x ?) the older VLC version 2.0.9 must be installed on Mac, because Apple has expanded the M3U8 format without regard to compatibility (and VLC 2.1.x uses this new format). And for newer iOS versions (7.x ? and newer), we have updated nessViewer app - version 1.9.1 can be downloaded for registered devices on our website and will soon be available in the AppStore.

Some providers have also been adapted: e.g. Arte, ATV from Austria, BBC, MyVideo.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

nessViewer App 1.9 for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch available

In this version the interface has been correctly adapted for iOS 5 to iOS 8. The status bar is now visible with iOS 7 + 8, and the views will be displayed at the correct position with iOS 5 + 6.
Many thanks to Bernd and Gandhi for the loan of older iOS devices to test these adjustments.

In addition, for example, the "Action menu" in "Open Files" has been adapted to iOS 8, so now images and movies can be imported from the "Photos App" or exported to this app again.
Together with the FTP server and client function can thus eg media from this app - after the import - transferred between iOS devices or computers within a wireless network without having to use iCloud.

Brand new is the functionally to present photos and movies unsorted: "Random Playback" must be activated in the "Settings App" at nessViewer, and then local media or internet media can be presented random / unsorted by using "Present Media" or the media center. Which of course makes especially a lot of fun if you have registered previously and thereby have access to many internet music videos and other stuff.

The access to various provider videos has also been adjusted.

This version is no longer free of charge, but costs 3.99 Dollar.